It should not have happened… or should it?

Last week when the Giants’ Mike Tauchman faced Josh Sborz of the Rangers with bases loaded in the top of the 8th — a career first happened and stats missed the boat yet again. Tauchman hit his first-ever grand slam. Beautiful moment!

A new friend to our company from the NCAA asked me what the nVenue predictive analytics would have said about this play.

Did we see the grand slam coming? Spoiler alert… the answer is yes.

The smart money was not on the grand slam… it never will be. But there were clear pointers that Tauchman would have a…

Three years ago, I set out on a quest to discover what I call the Holy Grail of Moneyball. The big idea is that we can use sophisticated techniques to unlock a better understanding of our beloved sports. Many have tried and failed, critics have said it is a myth, and even the best of the best have given up. But filled with ambition, a mind for math and sports, and the belief that underdogs like me can do anything, I put my career on the line to go after it. Here is my story.

Photo by N. on Unsplash

I previously shared that my…

I claim that anyone with a math background and a love of baseball has at one time given serious thought whether they could be “the one” to unlock the equations that make Moneyball a reality. I am no different. This is the story behind the inspiration of my mid-career vision quest in search of the holy grail of sports-tech.

June 2017. Frankfurt, Germany. A hot, sweaty, un-airconditioned ballroom with about a 1000 supercomputer guys. I was one of a handful of women (and an engineer, to boot!) in a sea of male PhDs. …

The spring of 2013 was a great season for me. My company selected ME to represent our CEO’s favorite new product for a profile on innovation with Wired Magazine! What had potential to be a watershed moment for my career instead turned into a mixed bag of confusion, shame, and a sad new state of awareness. In just 5 minutes, the supposed first interview about my achievements in tech and innovation was reduced to a few blow-off softball questions about my gender instead. I was blindsided. I felt reduced. My first big tech ‘win’ was never heard and I felt…

20 years ago I thought that the challenges of just getting my engineering degree would be the hardest I would ever face. Little did I know the biggest struggles were ahead as nothing adequately prepared me for (or even warned me about) the hazards of being a woman in the tech world. From the time of entry into my STEM career, I’ve been in a perpetual state of drowning thanks to a daily onslaught of gender-based ‘micro-events’. …

Kelly @ nVenue

Living life as the CEO/CTO of a sports-tech startup. I live for numbers, predictions, new ways to experience sports… and paving the way for female founders!

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